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In the rapidly changing world of HR, the challenges facing professionals can seem insurmountable. The answer is as simple as embracing technology to ensure both you and your workforce have access to ongoing Learning and Development.

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mLearn's mobile, flexible learning delivers tailored, memorable information efficiently to your workforce.
We know that funds for L&D are often the first to go when budgets are being cut. The solution is to implement cost effective, practical training solutions that have measurable success and demonstrable ROI.
How mLearn can help
Delivering facts
Essential compliance training made more palatable and memorable when delivered as short messages delivered direct to inboxes or via SMS.

Rich media messages take the pain from long, heavy compliance training making content more engaging therefore more effective.

Compliance training via mLearn to support more formal learning, enhancing the impact and improving knowledge retention.

Easy to update messages ensuring company-wide work practices are up-to-date within the framework of applicable laws and regulations.
Simplifying processes
Streamline key onboarding learning with short walk-through videos of procedures or staff welcome messages to ensure new recruits are familiar with their colleagues and management.
Proactive learning
Promoting the concept of learning as a constant rather than an annual event making it a part of the company culture. Better informed staff results in a more involved, happier workforce and fewer incidents escalated to HR.
Why it works
Simple and intuitive MicroLearning
Accessible Knowledge
Individual logins mean instant access to learning specifically tailored to a role, process or expertise.

Mobile Learning
Access learning on the job and at the convenience of the learner, promoting self-led learning and better engagement, ideal for busy healthcare professionals.

Knowledge Retention
Essential information is easily digested and retained when it is delivered in bite size pieces and repeated over a set amount of time. Constant quick quizzes or questionnaires force knowledge recall, resulting in long term retention.

Adaptable Development
As the learner learns, content can be adjusted to suit individual needs to make a seamless L & D journey: to Admin overview of test results allows measurement of the learning's success, so weak points can be addressed quickly.

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