The healthcare industry is constantly changing putting pressure on healthcare professionals from all areas; medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, to constantly update knowledge to stay on top of new thinking, new technology and to comply with the latest regulations.

Healthcare is a complex and large industry with each individual field requiring detailed, updated knowledge.

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MicroLearning with mLearn delivers small, digestible, targeted information to help learners retain knowledge and reach actionable goals.
Healthcare Professionals
Delivering relevant information on the job
Busy healthcare professionals can access quick to consume small pieces of relevant information on the go. Learning in context results in actionable learning which reinforces knowledge and results in greater retention.
Reduce staff turnover
The Health industry is facing serious staffing issues, particularly with hospital staff and nurses. MLearn can provide a cost-effective method of ongoing learning to nurses and staff, from onboarding videos, to equipment training and health and safety updates; tailored to a role, field of expertise or level of position that ensures across the board standards and increases competency and job satisfaction.
Delivering new processes
Short, focused messages with spaced delivery can be used to reinforce formal training or used stand-alone to teach new processes or laws quickly and effectively, ideal for compliance training, health and safety updates, new regulations, drug information or technical and equipment information.
Adaptable content
The flexibility of content types is ideal for the healthcare industry as it allows for creatively delivering learning of all kinds. For example; specialists can share knowledge via videos or short text articles with their peers; niche content can be created by experts and delivered to relevant staff in dispersed locations; short podcasts or audio messages allow for role play of patient care best practices.
Helping patients too
Lifestyle Learning
For patients with a medical condition, easy to consume information sent by mLearn can reinforce the advice given to them by their doctor. Short pieces of content – infographics, short videos via mLearn can encourage lifestyle or dietary changes, deliver relaxation videos or simple coaching for patients for easier recovery.
Delivering practical information
Simple explanations of procedures, post-operative expectations, drug side effects can be delivered in user-friendly infographics, videos or messages via mLearn to reassure and prepare patients resulting in fewer cancelled procedures and a reduction in unnecessary calls and appointments.
Why it works
Simple and intuitive MicroLearning
Accessible Knowledge
Individual logins mean instant access to learning specifically tailored to a role, process or expertise.

Mobile Learning
Access learning on the job and at the convenience of the learner, promoting self-led learning and better engagement, ideal for busy healthcare professionals.

Knowledge Retention
Essential information is easily digested and retained when it is delivered in bite size pieces and repeated over a set amount of time. Constant quick quizzes or questionnaires force knowledge recall, resulting in long term retention.

As the learner learns, content can be adjusted to suit individual needs to make a seamless L & D journey. Admin overview of test results allows measurement of the learning's success, so weak points can be addressed quickly.

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