Own Don't Rent
Introducing the Micro-Mortgage
The time has come to take back control
For too long, digital learning has been subscription-based, leaving companies with no residual value and limiting the potential to improve learning processes. We want to change this model. We want you to be in charge of your learning, to give you the option to cherry-pick the solutions that work for your organisation and importantly making your learning affordable and cost-effective. It's time to take out a MICRO-MORTGAGE!
What is Micro-Mortgage?
How does it work? – For three years you pay a fixed fee for the mlearn.com platform, adding and delivering your content how, when and as you want. After three years, the platform is YOURS. What happens after three years? Full customisation, unlimited content, users and courses. The platform will sit on your system and can be fully customised to suit your branding, needs and goals. Stop wasting money on renting when you can own your learning.
More adaptability, more control, more learning.