A new approach to learning

Introducing mLearn.
Intuitive. Effective. Mobile
It's no secret that peoples' attention spans are getting shorter, so why do we expect the old methods of learning to succeed?

People are demanding mobile, personalised, accessible learning that results in retained knowledge and successful on-the-job training. They want engaging content, less flat online courses and information at their fingertips.

mLearn is built on the concept of MicroLearning, which facilitates engaging daily learning and greater knowledge retention. Admins can set the learning and the schedule for their people to access content and with programmed SMS and email prompts to bite-size pieces of knowledge delivered directly to learners, learning becomes an ongoing, mobile event. A proven technique to encourage self-led learning, resulting in greater knowledge retention.
Engaging Content
mLearn offers a variety of options for content; video, images, text and gamification which enhances the learner experience and accelerates retention. The platform's dashboard gives admins the ability to tailor learning to individuals' needs and allows learners to access the information when and where they need it.
Functionality and flexibility.
Whether organisations use mLearn as a stand-alone platform or integrate with their existing LMS, the flexibility of the plans and the content distribution offers a solution never seen before in the L&D industry. With future releases covering Training Needs Analysis, Business Intelligence Suite, Digital Workbooks, eLearning and open integration with many other solutions, such as Zapier, Microsoft Teams and Slack, mLearn is the first part of a road-map for organisations to acquire their bespoke Learning Eco-Systems.
mLearn - the future of learning.
As automation grows and roles change, the need for effective and efficient training is greater than ever. A workable, cost-efficient method of keeping our workforce informed and engaged is crucial. Stop wasting money renting when you can be in control, make a real impact and liberate your learning!