Automotive Service
Your staff need to be the best of the best. Their sales skills and product knowledge are key to your dealership meeting targets.

With high staff turnover, huge amounts of information to retain and an ever-changing industry landscape we know you are facing a gargantuan task.

Imagine there was a way to engage your sales team, get product knowledge to them quickly and efficiently and train them in the very latest thinking on successful sales strategies. Sound to good to be true? Think again, we can answer all these needs with a simple, effective learning platform,

We know that as new models are delivered to the forecourt, you need your sales team to already have a comprehensive knowledge of every single feature and mechanism. They need to know every safety aspect, how the model compares to your competitor's similar model and what benefits a customer will receive by choosing this vehicle over all the other available options and that's just the tip of the iceberg…

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How mLearn can help
New model knowledge
We know that as new models are delivered to the forecourt, you need your sales team to already have a comprehensive knowledge of every feature and mechanism.
mLearn offers flexible content options to achieve comprehensive retained learning.
video – walk-through videos of the vehicle's interior or short video enactments of the key safety features.
text – bite-size pieces of information for digestible knowledge, test retention rates with quizzes and questionnaires. Some of your team not up to speed? Don't panic, you can tweak the delivery schedule and add or change the learning to address their individual needs.
audio – get creative with in-dealership role play or possible questions
or images – mechanics, interior options or on the road features in image form can enhance the learning experience making it more memorable and therefore more effective.

Simplifying processes
  • Streamline key onboarding learning with short walk-through videos of procedures.
  • Ensure company standards are upheld with simple instructions delivered on-the-job.
  • Speed up procedures and improve performance by ensuring all employees have easy access to digestible learning.
  • Personalised learning to fill knowledge gaps and provide a comprehensive learning journey.
Proactive learning
Promoting the concept of learning as a constant rather than an annual event
  • Peer to peer and best practice sharing
  • Accessible, mobile content encouraging self-led learning
  • Score rating and gamification for higher engagement
  • Short, easy-to-follow learning making it more appealing
Better informed staff results in a more involved, happier workforce, improved efficiency and enhanced customer service.
Why it works
Simple and intuitive MicroLearning
Accessible Knowledge
Individual logins mean instant access to learning specifically tailored to a role, process or expertise.

Mobile Learning
Access learning on the job and at the convenience of the learner, promoting self-led learning and better engagement, ideal for busy healthcare professionals.

Knowledge Retention
Essential information is easily digested and retained when it is delivered in bite size pieces and repeated over a set amount of time. Constant quick quizzes or questionnaires force knowledge recall, resulting in long term retention.

Adaptable Development
As the learner learns, content can be adjusted to suit individual needs to make a seamless L & D journey: to Admin overview of test results allows measurement of the learning's success, so weak points can be addressed quickly.

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